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The benefits of hiring a beauty copywriter

March 28, 2021



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Elevate your brand narrative with Maisie, a UK-based freelance copywriter specialising in crafting stories for luxury hotels, beauty brands, and fashion houses.



Whether you’re launching a new collection or you’re the marketing manager of an already established brand, chances are you’ll have come across a need for the right words to shape your customer experience. Beauty brands do this using a variety of techniques, (we looked at some beauty copywriting examples in my previous blog) including evoking a sense of familiarity, playing with the senses and having a memorable story.

What does a beauty copywriter do?

From website copy and product descriptions, to email campaigns, social media and blogs, a beauty copywriter can help define the tone of voice of your cosmetic or skincare company. How your beauty brand speaks should not only be consistent, but also resonate with and attract your target demographic.  

With this in mind, here are just a few ways hiring a beauty copywriter can work wonders for your brand:

  1. Harness specialist beauty knowledge

    An experienced beauty copywriter will know the industry inside out, which means you need to spend less time briefing about the market and your competitors, and instead focus on what makes your product unique. They are also likely to have lots of great content ideas, as well as their finger on the pulse of any emerging trends.

  2. Save yourself time

    Marketing or running a beauty brand can often involve wearing many hats and having a never ending to do list. By leaving your content and copywriting needs to an expert, you can instead focus on the other aspects of building your business. If you choose to work with The Luxury Copywriter, you’re also welcome to repurpose any material across your collateral and social media channels – win win!

  3. Bring your beauty brand to life

    A beauty and wellness copywriter will be able to help your brand or collection stand out from the rest by using evocative language that focuses on the benefits for the consumer. Features are important, but the bulk of your copy should emphasise how your product(s) will solve a pain point and speak to the wider dreams, wants and aspirations of your target market.

  4. Be SEO savvy

    Hiring a beauty content writer or copywriter with an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation gives your cosmetics or skincare brand a stronger chance of being found organically online. If you choose to work with The Luxury Copywriter, I’ll carry out some light keyword research as part of the project and ensure your chosen keywords are seamlessly weaved throughout your website ready for Google’s crawlers.

  5. Have a beauty copywriter as an extension of your team

    If they have chosen to specialise in beauty copywriting, it’s likely they are going to be as passionate as you about all things cosmetics and skincare. This makes for great conversations, a genuine connection and a shared commitment to getting your beauty brand the recognition and revenue It deserves.

If you’re nodding along thinking – I need one of those! Then get in touch with The Luxury Copywriter today. Maisie has over 5 years’ experience writing for some of the world’s biggest beauty brands including Helena Rubinstein and Carita, which are part of the esteemed L’Oréal Luxe Group.   

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