Why Jewellery Copywriting is more than just the 4Cs

January 12, 2021



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Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat are all well and good when it comes to telling your customer about the rarity and value of a diamond, but any jewellery copywriter will tell you it takes a little more than a laboratory grading report to motivate that all-important click to purchase. 

Shopping for fine or high jewellery is akin to buying a piece of art – we’re drawn to the pieces that speak to us on a deeper level. While the specifics can suggest a wise investment, it is the beauty and soul of a stone and its setting that ultimately seals the deal. 

For jewellery copywriters, then, this means crafting product descriptions that showcase what makes a piece unique, appeal to the customer’s emotions, and finally provoke a heart-felt reaction that leads them not only to checkout, but also to be loyal brand advocates for years to come. 

In this light, I looked to jewellery copywriting examples from De Beers, Boodles, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Selfridges to see the techniques they use that go beyond a simple listing of the 4Cs: 

The jewellery copywriter at De Beers homes in on the creative inspiration behind its Dewdrop collection to set a scene blooming with natural imagery and symbolic significance. From the outset, the customer is encouraged to associate meaning with their own “exciting possibilities and new beginnings” – or those that could come to fruition with their new Dewdrop diamonds!

Takeaway tip: Think about what inspired your jewellery piece? How can you relate this to an emotive or milestone occasion?

Similarly, the jewellery copywriter at Boodles combines symbolism with the power of storytelling to draw the customer into a piece’s fascinatingly mythical history. Alongside prompting them to feel part of something bigger, this also alludes to jewellery’s power to transcend time (making it a valuable investment piece).  

Takeaway tip: Can you trace the piece’s style back to a specific period or era? Can you make the reader the hero of the story?

Many jewellery copywriters are given a blank canvas to work with, in which case I would always recommend starting with an overarching theme or concept. Here Cartier plays on the idea of a meeting of elements, colliding and coming together in perfect harmony. As well as striking a chord with many people’s relationships, we are also psychologically wired to find symmetry and balance appealing – a feature this copy has in abundance. 

Takeaway tip: How is your jewellery copywriting tied together? Why not use a keyword generator to spark some imaginative concepts?

Not only does the jewellery copywriter at Van Cleef & Arpels hint at the brand’s rich heritage, but they also offer a variety of styling suggestions. This inspires the reader to start pairing the clips with pieces or outfits they already own, meaning you’re already halfway into their wardrobe before you’ve even finished your sentence. 

Takeaway tip: Prompt the reader to consider where they might wear the piece – perhaps at the opera, on a cruise, or even on a romantic date night under the Tuscan stars…

The wordsmiths at Selfridges remind us of one of the best parts of being a jewellery copywriter – we can be playful! From fun quotes to bouncy alliteration, some of the best examples of jewellery copywriting I’ve come across are not afraid to think outside of the box to captivate their customer’s attention.  

Takeaway tip: Can you think of a creative simile or metaphor to bring your jewellery product description to life?

Finally, you will notice that many high jewellery brands have a tendency to prioritise copy for collection names, rather than individual pieces. By binding them together as a cohesive whole, the message is effectively strengthened leaving the visuals to do the talking. 

After all, the best jewellery copywriters will tell you that sometimes, little or no copy is the best copy. 

Written by Maisie Prior, a freelance copywriter specialising in luxury jewellery, beauty and travel. 

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