As a skilled beauty copywriter with a love for luxury skincare, Maisie has a unique understanding of how to sell the benefits of your product to inspire an obsessed community. Whether you're a driven beauty start-up or a established fragrance house, Maisie's beauty copywriting expertise draws on industry specific knowledge to create a compelling story that speaks to your audience.  

Beauty copywriting for luxury brands.

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For 8 years, Maisie has been the trusted beauty copywriter for L'Oréal in Paris, serving across their prestigious portfolio of luxury brands

Beauty Copywriter for L'Oréal Luxe.

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Craft your brand narrative with captivating website copy, irresistible press releases, and SEO-friendly beauty blogs they'll keep coming back to. 

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Fill the gap in their beauty routine with persuasive product descriptions that have them adding to cart faster than you can apply your Dior Glow Lip Oil. 

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Enlist the expertise of a seasoned beauty copywriter to ensure your social media captions stand out while staying true to your brand's voice.

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Since Maisie joined us as our beauty copywriter at L'Oréal,  we've been amazed at the quality of her work. Her deep understanding of beauty brands combined with her unique knowledge of the luxury industry has made our assets shine.

 You will never regret hiring Maisie!

Chengjie bei, product manager at L'Oréal Luxe 


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